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RESOLUTION NO. 75-20 <br /> WHEREAS, it was voted at the regular meeting of the City <br /> Council on May 20, 1975 that the City Secretary be <br /> authorized and instructed to prepare a suitable resolution <br /> expressing commendation and appreciation for the untiring <br /> ' and valuable service rendered to the City of Grapevine, <br /> � <br /> Texas, by <br /> MRS. W. R. (SUSAN) TIMMONS <br /> AS A MEMBER OF THE LIBRARY BOARD and that the City <br /> Secretary be further authorized and instructed to spread <br /> a copy of such resolution upon the City Records and to <br /> transmit a copy thereof to the husband, W. R. Timmons, and <br /> to the father, Robert F. Arnold; and <br /> WHEREAS, Mrs. Timmons served in a dignified, faithful, <br /> impartial, and business like manner, giving generously of <br /> ��� <br /> � her time and efforts, unselfishly in all deliberations, now, <br /> ; <br /> THEREFORE, Be It Resolved, that the City of Grapevine extend <br /> to the family of Mrs. Timmons its humble expression of esteem <br /> for her in serving the City of Grapevine faithfully and well. <br /> Signed and sealed on behalf of the City Council of the City <br /> of Grapevine, Texas , this the 20th day of May, 1975. <br /> �� ` <br /> , ti.._��� �.f� <br /> MAYOR <br /> ATTEST: <br /> �,,:� , <br /> Ylweuq� . � ' i . <br /> CIT SECRETARY <br /> � �: <br /> 4 <br />