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RES %LUTON NC. R64-4 <br /> Whereas, the community of Grapevine has a long and colorful <br /> history reflecting much of the strength and historical de- <br /> velopment or Tarrant County and North Central Texas; and <br /> Whereas, members of many pioneer families who have lived <br /> through and contributed toward the development of the com- <br /> munity are possessed of memorabilia, pictures, books and man- <br /> uscripts which reflect and give color to such history; and <br /> Whereas, there is no official archive where such historical <br /> objects and manuscripts could be kept to insure safekeeping <br /> and availability for study by present clay scholors and future <br /> generations; and <br /> Whereas , many interested persons have indicated a willingness <br /> to contribute such historical material to a community archive <br /> if one were established; <br /> Therefore , the City Council of the City of Grapevine , Texas <br /> does hereby designate the Grapevine Public Library as the <br /> official archive for the preservation of materials pertain- <br /> ing to community history and do hereby authorize and direct <br /> the City Librarian to accept such historical materials as may <br /> be contributed through the years , to organize and preserve <br /> the same and to make such materials avail able ior study and <br /> research to all serious students of community history; and <br /> The City Secretary is hereby authorized and directed to Pub- <br /> lish this notice in one or more newspapers in general circu- <br /> lation in the community and to invite all community residents <br /> and other interested persons to contribute such historical ma- <br /> terials. <br /> PASSED AN-C. _: 'P?ROV3D, this the 7th day of April, 1964 . <br /> ("I , <br /> ItAYCR <br /> (S; <br /> ATTEST: <br /> ty : ecr tary <br />