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RESOLUTION NO.R62-5 <br /> RESOLUTIvN APPOINTING AN EX-OFFICIu MEMBER Tu SERVE <br /> uN THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF RAINBOW GARDENS INC. <br /> ( A CORPORATION TO BE FORMED) TO AID IN INSURING A <br /> CONTINUITY OF POLICY AND OPERATION OF THE PROJECT IN <br /> THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE; AREA AND, THEREBY, REPRESENT- <br /> ING THE CITIZENS OF THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE BY <br /> ASSISTING IN COMMUNITY RILATIONS AND THE PLANNING FOR <br /> THE INTERPRETATIuN OF RAINBOW GARDENS TO PROSPECTIVE <br /> RESIDENTS. <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Grapevine, Texas deems <br /> it advisable to create the office of Community Relations and <br /> Planning. <br /> BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, TExAS: <br /> 1 . That the purpose of this office is to provide community <br /> relations and planning for the interpretation, to prospective <br /> residents of a multi-family building, as it concerns the mutual <br /> interests of the citizens of Grapevine and Rainbow Gardens , Inc. , <br /> (a corporation to be formed) owner and operator of the building <br /> project, sponsored by the Helen and Winfield Morten Foundation. <br /> 2. That the person so selected to fill this office shall <br /> become an ex-officio, voting, member of the Board of Directors <br /> of Rainbow Gardens , inc. ,' a non-profit corporation, qualifying <br /> for Mortgage Insurance, under section 231 of the National Housing <br /> Act, that has filed an application for Mortgage Insurance dated <br /> August 31 , 1962, on a project to be built in the area of the <br /> City of Grapevine , Texas. <br /> ._. 3. That the duty of this director will be to aid in insuring <br /> a continuity of policy and operation of the project within the <br /> framework of its charter and by-laws and to assist in policy <br /> making, as it relates to maximum benefits to be achieved by and <br /> for both residents and the City of Grapevine. <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED this the 4th day of December, 1962. <br /> /rix7 <br /> Q---- <br /> Mayon, y- of rapevine , Texas <br /> i/ / <br /> ATTEST: /r <br /> i y Se rar:ry <br />