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��r�n�r�- C° y -�S C���#.9q_ <br /> sr�c�v�ovEo✓�aa o ��� <br /> .-.I...,�..1__ <br /> TO: SITE PLAN REVIEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS <br /> FROM: CINDY JACKSON, AICP, PLANNER II <br /> DA7E: JUNE 20, 2001 <br /> SUBJECT: CU01-02, U-HAUL INTERNATIONAL <br /> �,.�r.c� (�t,� 1�I�l�� <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Site Plan Review Committee consider the proposed changes to <br /> the previously approved site plan associated with CU98-55, (Ord. No. 98-129) U-Haul <br /> International, approved by Council on October 20, 1998, and take any action necessary. <br /> BACKGROUND INFORMATION <br /> Council approved the original conditional use permit granting outside storage for the U- <br /> Haul facility in May 1998 (CU98-13). A subsequent revision to amend the building <br /> elevations to accommodate rooftop access through a stairway penthouse, the relocation <br /> of windows and a step-down in the western and southern building elevations was <br /> �� <br /> approved in October 1998 (CU98-129). <br /> The applicant is now proposing to amend the site to accommodate additional outside <br /> storage. The proposed storage would be located at the back of the building and across <br /> from the southeast corner of the building. The storage behind the building is to be used <br /> for the storage of rental trucks and trailers. The storage across from the southeast <br /> corner of the building is for nighttime drop-off parking of trucks and trailers. It will be <br /> screened from the front of the site with a six-foot high screening wall. A concrete drive <br /> from the north side of the building to the back of the building is proposed to facilitate the <br /> movement of trucks and trailers from the rear storage area to the front of the building for <br /> customer pickup. <br /> /cj <br /> � <br /> O:/zcu/CU01-02.4sprc <br />