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RESOLUTION NO. 75-5 <br /> A RESOLUTION PERTAINING TO THE REGULATION AND <br /> REGISTRATION OF PRIVATE SEWAGE RACILITIES <br /> WITHIN THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE. <br /> � - WHEREAS, certain natural conditions in the City of <br /> — Grapevine make the unregulated disposal of sewage through <br /> i <br /> � the use of private sewage facilities undesirable and a <br /> ��,,R <br /> potential threat to the health of inhabitants; and <br /> WHEREAS, a commonly used private sewage facility in <br /> Grapevine is the septic tank, the improper functioning of <br /> which is causing, or may cause, pollution, or is injuring, <br /> or may injure, the public health; and further <br /> THAT the City of Grapevine realizes the present or <br /> potential threat to public health and also realizes the <br /> present limitations of its municipal staff <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City of Grapevine, <br /> Texas, by the authority of Section 21.084 and Section 21.355 <br /> - ' of the Texas Water Quality Act, that the City of Grapevine <br /> ,__�� petitions the Commissioners � Court of Tarrant County to enforce <br /> those sections of the Texas Water Quality Act as enumerated in <br /> Commissioners ' Court Order No. 42703 within the corporate limits <br /> of the City of Grapevine after the effective date af said <br /> regulation as specified by the Texas Water Quality Board. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED this the 18th day of February , <br /> 19 75 . <br /> �.. <br /> Mayor <br /> ATTEST: <br /> � �/ ` <br /> I �;, , Ci Secretary <br />