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RESOLUTION NO. 75-6 <br /> RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE NORTH CENTRAL <br /> TEXRS COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS TO PURCHASE <br /> TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT IN BEHA.LF' OF THE CITY <br /> , OF GR.A.PEVINE. <br /> WHEREAS, the technical equipment presently available <br /> ' is not suff icient to perform basic identif ication and <br /> �� crime scene searclz tasks; and <br /> Wf-IEREAS, the City of Grapevine does not have <br /> sufficient financial resources to provide its law en- <br /> forcement agency with this basic equipment; and <br /> Wf-IEREAS, the utilization of this equipment will allow <br /> the City of Grapevine law enforcement agency to increase <br /> its capability in the prevention and detection of crime <br /> and the subsequent apprehension of criminal offenders; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is the opinion of this City Council that <br /> the best interest of the citizens of the City of Grapevine <br /> will be ser�ed by participating in this cooperative purchas- <br /> ing program; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED SY THE CITY COUNCIL OF <br /> THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE THAT: <br /> � 1. The City of Grapevine desires to participate in <br /> ' the cooperative purchase of technical equipment. <br /> � .� 2. The North Central Texas Council of Governments <br /> is authorized to enter into binding contracts <br /> with the low compliant vendor(s) and to purchase <br /> technical equipment in behalf of the City of <br /> Grapevine. <br /> 3. This City understands that the Texas Criminal <br /> Justice Division is providing 100% funding for <br /> the purchase of the equipment. <br /> 4. To display the City's desire to participate in <br /> this program, a copy of this resolution will be <br /> forwarded to the North Central Texas Council of <br /> Governments. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 1 th DAY OF February , 1975. <br /> . <br /> Mayor <br /> �:. <br /> ATTEST: <br /> ���������, +j ...f--;- , <br /> City Secretary <br /> � TO FO <br /> City Attorney <br />