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CITY OF GRAPEVINE <br /> RESOLUTION #75-27 <br /> WHEREAS, R. F. (Dick) Lewis, Tarrant County Commissioner Precinct No. 3 <br /> for many years, passed away unexpectedly on July 12, 1975; and <br /> �.,� <br /> WHEREAS, Commissioner Lewis' contributions to the welfare of all of the <br /> ' citizens of Tarrant County has been tremendous; and <br /> � <br /> WHEREAS, Commissioner Lewis has over the years been concerned about the <br /> citizens of Grapevine and their problems and has worked closely with the City and <br /> school officials in our City; and <br /> WHEREAS, the road and drainage work done by Commissioner Lewis' offices <br /> has greatly improved the quality of life in our City; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City owes a special thanks to Commissioner Lewis for his opening <br /> up of two (2) major thoroughfares in our City, namely, Timberline Drive and Park Blvd; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council desires to convey its expression of sympathy to <br /> Mrs. Mattie Bell Lewis, and to state officially the City of Grapevine's deep <br /> appreciation for the truly dedicated acts of public service contributed for many <br /> years by Commissioner Lewis; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCtL OF THE <br /> CITY OF GRAPEVINE, TEXAS: <br /> �� '� Section 1 . That the City Council does hereby express its deepest sympathy <br /> �:,,; to Mrs. Mattie Bell Lewis for the loss of her husband R. F. (Dick) Lewis. <br /> Section 2. That the City Council does hereby state that Commissioner Lewis <br /> was a true and dedicated public servant having served the citizens of Tarrant County <br /> and the City of Grapevine for many years as County Commissioner Precinct #3, and <br /> for this service the City expresses its appreciation and thanks. <br /> Section 3, That a certified copy of this Resolution shall be delivered to <br /> Mrs. Mattie Bell Lewis and to County Judge Moncrief and all members of�the Tarrant <br /> County Commissioners Court. � <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED this the 15t day of JULY , 1975, <br /> . y��� _.�. - <br /> `�� <br /> t <br /> a yor <br /> ATTEST: y.,�, <br /> � „�� . <br /> �" ���r���,��.. �7 ���� �� � ' <br /> City Secretary� '' <br /> �.,.:.� <br /> APPROVED A�S,,�TO FORM AND LEGALITY: <br /> �,; , <br /> C ,G;.._._�_- -- v� �` , � � _ <br /> C i ty A ttorney ,� <br /> ; <br />