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RESOLUTION R 62-2 <br /> Public School Week in Grapevine <br /> WHEREAS: <br /> The security and future of our Nation depend more than ever <br /> before on the adequacy of our schools, and <br /> WHEREAS: <br /> Since the founding of the Texas Public School System 108 years <br /> ago, the growth and development of our State has been tied close- <br /> ly to the educational advantages available to Texas citizens and <br /> depend upon the continuance and futherance of educational oppor— <br /> tunities for all Texas children, and <br /> WHEREAS: <br /> The Texas Citizens' Committee for Public Schools Week has work- <br /> ed diligently and effectively since 1950 in cooperation with local <br /> school officials to bring the one purpose of Texas Public School <br /> Week to the attention of all the people of Texas; and records show <br /> that the number of people visiting schools during 1961, the eleven- <br /> th year of the observance increased to more than 2,000,000; and <br /> WHEREAS: <br /> Members of the City Council are grateful for this continued inter- <br /> est of the people of Texas in their public schools. <br /> BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: <br /> That the City Council hereby designates the week of March 5 through <br /> March 9, 1962, the twelfth annual Public Schools Week in Texas, as <br /> Public School Week in the City of Grapevine, and urges all citizens to <br /> visit our schools during that week. <br /> Tip Johnsory; ye <br /> r/ <br /> Y of 'Gra evin/ <br /> p <br />