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RESOLUTION NO. R62-4 <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council is desireous of making the City of <br /> Grapevine a safer place in which to live and travel and , <br /> Whereas, there is an ever increasing need for certain traf 'ic <br /> control devices at certain intersections within the corporate <br /> limits, and , <br /> how- <br /> Whereas, much study and thought has been given to these problems <br /> by the City Council , <br /> THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> GRAPEVINE, TERAS THAT: <br /> Section 1 . Parking be prohibited at any time on the following <br /> streets and that signs be errected to indicate same : <br /> A. On the north side of Texas street between Jenkins <br /> Street Main Street. <br /> B. On the west side of Jenkins Street from Texas Street <br /> north ninety (90) feet. <br /> Section 2. The suthority for the errection of the forgoing <br /> signs and the enforcement of the regulations therein represented <br /> has been vested inthe City Council by the City of Grapevine <br /> Ordinance no. 54-8 passed and approved the 2nd day of March, 1954. <br /> Section 3. This resolution , not being a penal ordinance in it- <br /> self need not be published to be effective and is effective upon <br /> the passage by the City Council and the errection of the afore- <br /> mentioned signs. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED, this the 18th day September, 1962. <br /> /-:----- - <br /> so , Mayor <br /> ATTEST;„---- — <br /> I <br /> __; <br /> Floy T Anel , [qty Secretary <br /> I <br />