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. - f�[���'G�""/ <br /> �it,a[,�'' -/52�.,— <br /> TO: SITE PLAN REVIEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS ���� <br /> �L� �";�'� <br /> FROM: RON STOMBAUGH, DEVELOPM�NT MANAGER �"'0�' '"Z�-- <br /> �.._�. <br /> DATE: DECEMBER 21, 2006 <br /> SUBJECT: CONDITIONAL USE REQUEST CtJ06-59, LOT 1 R, BLOCK A,.TIGUE <br /> GRAPEVlNE,4DDITION <br /> RECOMMEI�DATlON <br /> Staff recommends #he Si#e Plan Review Committee consider th� propased changes to <br /> Conditiana( Use Reques#.Ct198-66 �Ord. 98-152} approved at fhe. December �5, �998 <br /> meeting for a planned .commercia! center with new and used automotive sales anet <br /> service,,specificaliy to.revise the area; buiiding material and eievations for a de�ached <br /> car wash/defail center and take.any other action necessary. <br /> BACKGROUND INFORMATION ' <br /> Conditional Use Request CU98-66 was approved at the December 15, .1998 pubiic <br /> hearing and amended the previousEy approved site�plan for the Texas Toyota facility by <br /> praviding for finro shade structures located on the north side of the existing.Parts-and <br /> Service buifdirtg. The original canditional use request establishing the dealership <br /> � " (Westway Tayota) was considered and approved-by Council at the August 20, 1996 <br /> meeting {CU96-2C1): The Site Plan Review Committee at fheir June 25, 2C}03 meeting <br /> "'"' allawed an addition to the site .(CU03-22) consisting af twa 24-f,aot. by 56-foot tcailers - <br /> located immediately to#he north of the exis#ing Used Car Sales offce, The trailers met <br /> the masonry requirement and parking was provided for the additional sales s#aff by <br /> substitc�ting dispiay parking w�th staff parking: The applicant at tha# time stated the <br /> temporary traifers would be utilized for a maximum.period of 18-mon#hs at which time <br /> the site ,wauld be expanded to meet the .needs of the dealers�ip or a new [ocation wi11 <br /> be chosen for the dealership. Canditional Use Request CU05-02 was considered by. <br /> #he Site Plan Review Cammittee a# their. Janciary 2S, 2005 meeting which allowed for <br /> and enclosure of a patia area near the southwest corner of the .existing sales office for <br /> use as additianal affice space for the sales stafF which eliminated the need for the <br /> temporary trailers. The trailers have since been remaved. In addition� a five-bay lube <br /> center was added to the site IQcatec3 on the wesfi side of the parts artd service building. <br /> Conditional Use Request CU05-58 was considered by the Site Ptan Review Committee <br /> at#heir January 26, 20Ct5 meeting which atlorrved for a single-bay autornated car wash at <br /> the rear of the site just east of the parts and senrice building and changes to their <br /> signage. Conditionat Use Request Cll4.�-22 was.considered by the �ite Plan Review <br /> Committee at their June 28, 2006 meeting which allow�d.for a detached car.wash/detaif <br /> certter east of the parts-and senrice center. <br /> �� � With #liis request the app[icant intends to reduce the area of the car washLdetaif center _ <br /> fram 2,950 to 2;862 and revise the_elevations. The exterior materials are also being- <br /> K,..,+ <br /> O:�ZCUlCU08-59.4sprc <br /> --. � _' ... ..._+.__.___._.. _..._._ . : ...---.��:_._._. .__. _ <br />