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ORDINANCE NO. 98-108 <br /> '���`�`" AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, TEXAS, <br /> SETTING THE ANNUAL TAX RATE FOR TAX YEAR 1998; <br /> LEVYING TAXES FOR THE TAX YEAR 1998 TO BE <br /> ASSESSED ON ALL TAXABLE PROPERTY WITHIN THE <br /> LIMITS OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, TEXAS; PROVIDING <br /> PENALTIES AND INTEREST FOR THE DELINQUENT <br /> TAXES; DECLARING AN EMERGENCY AND PROVIDING AN <br /> EFFECTIVE DATE <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, <br /> TEXAS: <br /> Section 1. That a tax rate is hereby levied upon all taxable property in the City <br /> of Grapevine, Texas for Tax Year 1998 and a rate of thirty-eight and fifty one-hundredths <br /> cents ($0.3850) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) valuation. <br /> Section 2. That there shall be and there is hereby levied the following taxes on <br /> _ , each One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) valuation on all taxable property within the City of <br /> Grapevine, Texas, to be assessed and collected by the Tax Assessor/Collector and <br /> collected for Tax Year 1998, and said taxes are to be assessed and collected for the <br /> purposes and in the amounts hereinafter stipulated, to-wit: <br /> A. For the General Fund, a tax rate of$0.21873554 is levied. <br /> B. For Debt Service, a tax rate of$0.16626446 is levied. <br /> Section 3. Taxes levied by this ordinance shall be due and payable on the first <br /> day of October, 1998 and shall become delinquent on the first day of February, 1999, if <br /> unpaid. Upon taxes becoming delinquent, interest and penalty will be added as required <br /> in Section 33.01 of the Texas Property Tax Code, and shall commence on the first day of <br /> February, 1999. The City of Grapevine is hereby authorized to adopt any and all legal <br /> remedies provided by the Texas Property Tax Code for the purpose of collecting delinquent <br /> taxes. <br /> Section 4. The fact that the fiscal year begins on October 1, 1998 requires that <br /> this ordinance be effective upon its passage and adopted to preserve the public peace, <br /> property, health, and safety, and shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage <br /> and adoption, and an emergency is hereby declared. <br /> ,rz�::;� <br />