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ORDINANCE NO. 98-116 <br /> sff��$ <br /> AN ORDINANCE ISSUING A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT IN <br /> ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 48 OF ORDINANCE <br /> NO. 82-73, THE COMPREHENSIVE ZONING ORDINANCE <br /> OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, TEXAS, SAME BEING ALSO <br /> KNOWN AS APPENDIX "D" OF THE CITY CODE, BY: <br /> (1) GRANTING A WAIVER TO SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS <br /> OF SECTION 47E.2 PURSUANT TO SECTION 47F OF <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 82-73; (2) GRANTING CONDITIONAL USE <br /> PERMIT CU98-47 TO AMEND THE SITE PLAN APPROVED <br /> BY ORDINANCE NO. 98-11 FOR A PLANNED COMMERCIAL <br /> CENTER IN EXCESS OF 1,000,000 SQUARE FEET OF <br /> GROSS LEASABLE SPACE TO AMEND THE FLOOR PLAN <br /> OF A RESTAURANT WITH THE POSSESSION, STORAGE, <br /> RETAIL SALE AND ON-PREMISE CONSUMPTION OF <br /> ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (BEER, WINE AND MIXED <br /> BEVERAGES) IN A DISTRICT ZONED "CC" COMMUNITY <br /> COMMERCIAL DISTRICT REGULATIONS ALL IN <br /> ACCORDANCE WITH A SITE PLAN APPROVED PURSUANT <br /> � TO SECTION 47 OF ORDINANCE NO. 82-73 AND ALL <br /> OTHER CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS AND SAFEGUARDS <br /> �=� IMPOSED HEREIN; CORRECTING THE OFFICIAL ZONING <br /> MAP; PRESERVING ALL OTHER PORTIONS OF THE <br /> ZONING ORDINANCE; PROVIDING A CLAUSE RELATING <br /> TO SEVERABILITY; DETERMINING THAT THE PUBLIC <br /> INTERESTS, MORALS AND GENERAL WELFARE DEMAND <br /> THE ISSUANCE OF THIS CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT; <br /> PROVIDING A PENALTY NOT TO EXCEED THE SUM OF <br /> TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS ($2,000.00) AND A SEPARATE <br /> OFFENSE SHALL BE DEEMED COMMITTED UPON EACH <br /> DAY DURING OR ON WHICH A VIOLATION OCCURS; <br /> DECLARING AN EMERGENCY AND PROVIDING AN <br /> EFFECTIVE DATE <br /> WHEREAS, an application was made requesting issuance of a conditional use <br /> permit by making applications for same with the Planning &Zoning Commission of the City <br /> of Grapevine, Texas, as required by State statutes and the zoning ordinance of the City <br /> of Grapevine, Texas, and all the legal requirements, conditions and prerequisites having <br /> ��x,.�, <br /> been complied with, the case having come before the City Council of the City of Grapevine, <br /> Texas, after all legal notices requirements, conditions and prerequisites having been <br /> complied with; and <br />