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� �E�,��u�8-aq�o��S- � <br /> �,��Rov�o � � � l � <br /> "+ TO: SITE PLAN REVIEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS <br /> � <br /> °�� FROM: CINDY JACKSON, AICP, PLANNER II C�' <br /> v G'i�.�C 6�� ��!`�l <br /> DATE: OCTOBER 24, 2001 <br /> SUBJECT: CONDITIONAL USE REQUEST CU01-61, TGI Friday's, 1041 HIGHWAY <br /> 114, LOT 2R, BLOCK 2, THE CROSSROADS AT DFW ADDITION <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Site Plan Review Committee consider the proposed changes to <br /> the previously approved site plan associated with CU98-29 (Ord. No. 98-91), for a <br /> planned commercial center with the possession, storage, retail sale and on-premise <br /> consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and mixed drinks) in conjunction with a <br /> restaurant, approved by Council on July 21, 1998, and take any action necessary. <br /> BACKGROUND INFORMATION <br /> The original conditional use permit CU92-14 for a Planned Commercial Center (PCC) <br /> tt was approved September 15, 1992, approving a Planned Commercial Center and an <br /> Outback Restaurant. On December 15, 1992, CU92-20 was approved allowing the <br /> '� 3 development of a TGI Friday's restaurant with on-premise consumption and a forty-foot <br /> pole sign. CU94-03, approved by Council on March 22, 1994, provided for an <br /> amendment to the approved floor plan. Council approved CU98-08 on April 21, 1998, <br /> allowing for a 781 square foot expansion of the restaurant. Cu98-29, approved on July <br /> 21, 1998, provided for revisions to the floor plan designed to increase the capacity of <br /> the bar area and provide soundproof separation between the bar and dining areas. <br /> The application under consideration includes a request for the following revisions to the <br /> restaurant floor plan: <br /> • A change of the type of booths located within the bar and main dining room; <br /> • The placement of larger tables within the Dining Room and the Cafe room; <br /> • The removal of three knee walls with windows currently located in the Main Dining <br /> room and befinreen the Dining Room and the Main Dining Room; and <br /> • The replacement of some tables in the Cafe with booths, and smaller tables with <br /> larger tables. � <br /> � This application includes a request to revise the building elevations as well. These <br /> �� revisions include: <br /> O:/zcu/CU 01-61.4sprc <br />