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DATE: JULY 12, 2017 <br />SUBJECT: CONDITIONAL USE REQUEST CU17-16; LOT 3, BLOCK 1, MULBERRI <br />SQUARE ADDITION <br />Staff recommends the Site Plan Review Committee consider the proposed changes to <br />Conditional Use Request CU98-31 (Ord. 1998-31) approved at the July 21, 1998 <br />meeting for a planned commercial center to relocate a refuse container on Lot 3, <br />specifically to modify the exterior elevations and drive through area for McDonald's, and <br />take any other action necessary. <br />I <br />Conditional Use Request CU97-54 (Ord. 1997-136) was approved by the City Council at <br />the December 2, 1997 meeting to allow for the development of a 5,300 square foot <br />restaurant with a drive through. <br />Conditional Use Request CU98-31 (Ord. 1998-92) was approved by the City Council at <br />the July 21, 1998 meeting to relocate the refuse container due to a conflict with an <br />electric transformer. <br />With this request the applicant proposes exterior elevation changes and drive through <br />lane modification to the existing restaurant (McDonald's). The exterior elevation <br />changes include parapet banding throughout in lieu of the existing mansard tiled roof, <br />sunscreen louvers, metal trellis for the dual drive through windows and a tiled entry <br />tower on the south elevation. Other exterior improvements include painting and repair <br />as needed. Adjacent to the drive through lane on the south side of the building, two <br />existing parking spaces are proposed to be eliminated to facilitate more efficient vehicle <br />circulation. Total required parking is 40 spaces; 41 are provided. Additional ground <br />cover is being added in the area where the two parking spaces are proposed to be <br />eliminated. No other changes to the site are proposed. <br />/at <br />0AZCU\CU17-16Asprc <br />