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ORDINANCE NO. 9s-32 <br /> x� p AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> GRAPEVINE, TEXAS AMENDING THE CODE OF <br /> ORDINANCES BY AMENDING CHAPTER 25 UTILITIES <br /> AND SERVICES RELATIVE TO WASTE WATER RATES <br /> AND WATER RATES; PROVIDING A SEVERABILITY <br /> CLAUSE; DECLARING AN EMERGENCY AND PROVIDING <br /> AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, <br /> TEXAS: <br /> Section 1. That Chapter 25 Utilities and Services, Article II, Water and Sewers is <br /> amended by amending Section 25-36 in its entirety relative to application and cost <br /> deposit for water, waste water and refuse service as attached in Exhibit "A". <br /> Section 2. If any section, article, paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase or word in <br /> this ordinance, or application thereto any person or circumstance is held invalid or <br /> unconstitutional by a Court of competent jurisdiction, such holding shall not affect the <br /> " validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance; and the City Council hereby declares it <br /> would have passed such remaining portions of the ordinance despite such invalidity, <br /> � � which remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. <br /> Section 3. The fact that the present ordinances and regulations of the City of <br /> Grapevine, Texas, are inadequate to properly safeguard the health, safety, morals, <br /> peace, and general welfare of the public creates an emergency which requires that this <br /> ordinance become effective from and after the date of its passage, and it is accordingly <br /> so ordained. <br /> Section 4. That this ordinance shall become effective on May 1, 1998. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> GRAPEVINE, TEXAS on this the 23rd day of �arch , �ggg. <br /> APPROVED: <br /> �-� William D. Tate <br /> Mayor <br />