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ORDINANCE NO. 98-43 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> GRAPEVINE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 98-31 RELATIVE <br /> TO THE FISCAL YEAR 1997-98 BUDGET BY AMENDING <br /> SECTION 1; DECLARING AN EMERGENCY AND <br /> PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Grapevine has been accumulating working capital in the <br /> Lake Enterprise Fund for the purpose of having such funds available as needed for a golf <br /> course improvement construction project; and <br /> WHEREAS, such working capital was available in the Lake Enterprise Fund in the <br /> amount of$1,784,011.00 in the beginning of Fiscal Year 1997-98 (FY 1998); and, <br /> WHEREAS, current revenues for FY 1998 are expected to exceed requirements for <br /> current expenses for FY 1998 in the Lake Enterprise Fund; and, <br /> y WHEREAS, $86,295.00 is needed for costs associated with the golf course <br /> improvement project; and <br /> � <br /> WHEREAS, it is necessary to appropriate $86,295.00 for the completion of said golf <br /> course improvement related projected. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> GRAPEVINE, TEXAS: <br /> Section 1. That all the above premises are true and correct and are hereby <br /> incorporated into this ordinance as if copied in their entirety. <br /> Section 2. That funds in the amount of$86,295.00 authorized by this ordinance will <br /> be appropriated for expenditure from the Lake Enterprise Fund accumulated working <br /> capital. <br /> Section 3. That Section 1 of Ordinance No. 98-31, as amended is hereby <br /> amended to read as follows: <br /> "Section 1. That the appropriation amounts for the FY 98 budget for different <br /> �ti� <br /> funds of Grapevine are hereby fixed as follows: <br />