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,�.� ORDINANCE NO. 98-24 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> .� GRAPEVINE, TEXAS AMENDING THE GRAPEVINE CODE OF <br /> ORDINANCES BY AMENDING CHAPTER 7 BUILDINGS AND <br /> CONSTRUCTION, ARTICLE VI, SECTIONS 7-150 AND 7-151, <br /> RELATIVE TO THE ADOPTION OF THE 1994 UNIFORM <br /> MECHANICAL CODE, PROVIDING AMENDMENTS FOR SAME, <br /> REPEALING CONFLICTING ORDINANCES; PROVIDING A <br /> SEVERABILITY CLAUSE; PROVIDING A PENALTY, NOT TO <br /> EXCEED TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS ($2,000.00) FOR EACH <br /> SEPARATE OFFENSE AND A SEPARATE OFFENSE SHALL BE <br /> DEEMED COMMITTED UPON EACH DAY DURING OR ON <br /> WHICH A VIOLATION OCCURS; DECLARING AN EMERGENCY <br /> AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GRAPEVINE, <br /> TEXAS: <br /> Section 1. That Chapter 7, Article VI, Sections 7-150 and 7-151 are hereby <br /> �� <br /> amended to read as follows: <br /> � <br /> ARTICLE VI. MECHANICAL CODE <br /> "Sec. 7-150. Code adopted. <br /> There is hereby adopted by the City of Grapevine, Texas, for the purpose of <br /> providing minimum standards to safeguard life, limb, health, property and public welfare <br /> by regulating and controlling the design, construction, installation, quality of materials, <br /> location, operation and maintenance of heating, ventilating, comfort cooling, <br /> refrigeration systems, incinerators and other miscellaneous heat-producing appliances, <br /> the Uniform Mechanical Code, 1994 Edition as published by the International <br /> Conference of Building Officials with the exception of such sections thereof as are <br /> hereinafter deleted, modified or amended, and the same is hereby adopted and <br /> incorporated herein as if the same were copied in its entirety. This article shall be <br /> known as the "Grapevine Mechanical Code" and a copy of said code shall be <br /> maintained in the o�ce of the City Secretary. <br /> Sec. 7-151. Amendments to code. <br /> The Mechanical Code adopted herein is amended as follows: <br /> � <br /> ' Section 108.8 Liability, is amended to read as follows: <br /> � <br />